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I am a bit insecure mother. I always scare my son put his pencil color, crayons or something like that in his mouth. In the same time I want him to be creative. But I think he is too young to understand something can not be eaten no matter how you watch and play with him nor telling him not to. Been searching everywhere for water pen for coloring. At last I ended up buying few books from Melissa & Doug on the go activity book from It is like a book with some pages of picture and comes with easy hold chunky pen brush that you can refill with water. The chunky-sized water pen is easy for kids to hold and stores neatly right in the front cover. You just need to stroke the brush pen over the white drawing page and you will see the magic happens. All vibrant colors are all out! My son is always amazed by it. He finds it is interesting and he is proud of doing it. He can spend hours doing it. The best thing is no-mess painting for kids! Once the water on page dry, you can reuse it again and again. The size is so handy as well. The price is really really affordable. I think this book is ideal to be used for travelling.

Pro & Contra

  • Reusable pages are white with simple line drawings when dry; reveal colors when wet.
  • Compact, spiral-bound format--great for travel!
  • Promotes fine motor skills, early writing skills, and visual discrimination.
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