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The weekend comes again. It seems very fast that you sometimes don’t notice what day it is. Our family always spend weekend with quality family time. This week we got this art and fun set to play. It was on discount that day. This is an ice cream set. That comes with some plates and cups. Also of course the doughs and the mold machine. This machine works as well with other brands of Play Dough. However, I am very sceptic in giving just any dough to my son directly... with some reasons: the smells, it is oily and of course I scare he might eat it. So, I look up a few websites and found a recipe to make your own dough. Of course it can save a lot of money and as a mother I can see my son play without worriness...

Bonus: Recipe

You can make the dough your own with this recipe: (safer and cheaper)


  • 300 ml water 
  • One spoon full salt
  • One spoon full baking soda
  • 40 ml cooking oil
  • 350 gram all purpose flour


Cook water, salt, baking soda and oil with sauce pan until boil.

After boil pour it to the bowl with flour.

Knead into dough.

Divide it according to the needs and for color, you can add some color paste.

Pro & Contra

  • Fine motor training for better handgrip.
  • Learn shapes and colors.
  • Improve language skills.
  • Sadly, the material of the machine is not so good. The plastic peels easily and the machine was cannot be sealed well, so that the dough comes out at the sides. Nonetheless, this is a good educative toy.
  • Choking hazard.
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